India is a large country with huge diversities in climate and terrain. It is one of the most biodiversity rich countries in the world. So it's no surprise that it has an astonishingly large variety of animals and birds that have made it their home since eternity. On the one hand one can see Elephants and Rhinoceros in the jungles of Assam in the eastern corner of India, on the other hand Lions are found aplenty in the wilderness of Gujarat on the western corner of India. Similarly if north India is home to Snow Leopards, south India is the abode of about 45 species Reptiles. There are about 25 large wildlife sanctuaries spread across the length and breadth of India which have been very successful in conserving and increasing the numbers of animals who were on the brink of extinction like Tigers and Lions. There are certain animals like Cows and Monkeys which are part of Hindu mythology and are hence, revered by the followers of Hindu religion.

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